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What We Believe


We believe that skincare shouldn’t be complicated. We use simple and pure plant-based ingredients to make the highest quality soaps, balms, and serums to keep your skin healthy and glowing. 


We believe that earth-friendly packaging and minimal waste processes are important – and they are important to our customers, too. That’s why we use biodegradable paper and reusable glass and metal bottles and jars whenever possible. 


We believe that pure plant-based ingredients are superior to synthetic, lab created ingredients or petroleum derived ingredients. So you’ll see a list of all ingredients on every label that include cold pressed oils, botanical butters, herbs, and essential oils. For a complete list of ingredients we use, click here

The Karis Praxis Team

Kathy (17).jpg

Kathy Gray, owner and founder: member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild, certified advanced level soapmaker, conference speaker and teacher – Kathy began making and selling sugar scrub and bath salts at local craft fairs to make extra money for Christmas gifts for her family. Since she was a little girl, she has been passionate about how things are made and learning how to make them: sewing garments and home décor, baking and cooking, calligraphy, and crochet were all hobbies she has pursued. Learning to make soap and other natural cosmetics was especially challenging as well as rewarding. Having a lifelong problem with sensitive/irritated, dry skin, Kathy discovered that after she started using her own handmade soap, she stopped getting dry, itchy patches on her skin and lotions were no longer even necessary. When she shared her soaps with family and friends, they loved how it made their skin feel. Karis Praxis was built on the idea that using high quality skincare products is the best way to keep your skin happy and healthy.

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Paul Gray, bookkeeper and business financial advisor; Paul has a B.A. in business and computer science. He isn’t afraid to jump in wherever needed, from designing an inventory control system to washing a sink full of soap dishes. Paul is Kathy’s husband and her biggest fan.

Where We Are

Karis Praxis is located in the heart of the Texas hill country, in the best little town in Texas - La Grange.  With a population hovering around 5000, the town itself is small but the hearts of the people are big.  La Grange is the kind of town where people gather at the town square for the farmers market on Saturdays, go to high school football games on Friday nights, and families go to the country fair in the fall.



Victoria Cardenas, web designer and webmaster: Victoria began working at Karis Praxis around 2012 wrapping soap, applying labels, and selling at craft fairs and farmers markets. She provides custom artwork, photography and web design. Victoria is Kathy’s granddaughter.

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